Thursday, 30 July 2009

The interminable wait...

Tomorrow I find out out at long last if my second round interview yielded success of failure. I have prepared for the latter, as the odds are stacked against me (as it is us all). But still I can't help but hope. Just a smidge!

Oh will The Wait just be over?!


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Humble Pie

I have removed my previous post, given the comments that ensued. I can realise a grave mistake when made, and will try to be more thoughtful. Given that I was trying to be light-hearted rather than critical of something I do see value in, I realise I missed the mark considerably and have taken on board the comments made.



Friday, 3 July 2009

Out of my depth?

As the few who have followed my ramblings so far will be aware, I am a postgrad as yet to undertake the BVC. Braving the HellGate this year for the first time, I treated the whole exercise of something of a dry run, and expected little positive response.

I am, therefore, wholly pleased with myself to have 3 first round interviews with a set yet to hear from. Self-congratulatory pat on the back and inebriated celebrations in order and all that.

However, I am worried that should I make it to second round (and I stress the gigantic IF here) I will so completely out of my depth as to render the experience torturous. With no BVC experience behind me, advocacy exercises are going to prove tricky and my relative lack of interview practice may hinder me somewhat. Whilst I have gleaned a few precious (albeit largely indecipherable) notes from companions further down the line than myself(LPC students to a man however) and still leave me feeling a little concerned.

Any advice from those in the know would be most appreciated!


P.S. I hope to produce a more interesting post at some point; I am new to this lark! Perhaps once I start the BVC as a full-timer (read: lifer), I will perhaps have something better to contribute!