Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Part 3: Just stop saying that!

This final section is so titled as a reference to the words which I have heard many times over this academic year. They have been said with cheek when staff confide juicy snippets of information that is to kept far away from undergraduates; they have been said as an abrupt retort whenever any complaint has been levelled against the department or the course itself; they have meant the giving of privileges, and the withdrawal of sympathy.

They provide the greatest summary of the last 9 months that I can think of.

"You're a postgraduate now"

I just wish they would stop reminding me.


  1. I love being quite friendly with lecturers when they tell you gossip that is definitely not to be shared with any other undergraduates...

    How is the search for criminal pupillage?
    Sorry to plug myself but I have a new case on RIPA on my website, which could be incredibly useful if you have studied in evidence and wanted to bring it up in interview ;)

  2. Hiya Oddy,

    Those words do grate a bit after a while and may be substituted for the phrase " grow up"!
    What happens if one doesn't ACTUALLY want to grow up, but is instead intent upon living life entirely BACKWARDS? I began by bieng completely ADULT, and with each passing year of my PH.D, I regress!

  3. Ha, I love the shameless plug there Lost! I had already read it however; I was just in a mood marginally to idle to come up with an interesting/witty comment!

    Minx: They are indeed a synonym for "grow up". I too feel the slow regression backwards, but at the same time get ever more annoyed with the young, naive and lazy undergraduates surrounding me!

  4. I sympathise entirely, Oddy - engaged as I am in the legal tution of those Angelic Treasures popularly known as Student Nurses, I do occaisionally feel the need to throw the odd tantrum ( though fortunately, this has been behind closed doors and entails screaming into a cushion) since I am wont to wonder if we are all actually on the same PLANET to begin with, let alone the same WAVELENGTH!!!!