Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Law Student Life - In music

A short post as a break from the essay writing season. Idly flicking through my (eclectic) music collection I decided to do a somewhat random post; my top 10 tracks that reflect law student life at this time of year. And here they are

1. The Who – Can’t Explain
2. The Darkness - Stuck in a Rut
3. Idlewild – When I argue I see shapes
4. Queen – Under Pressure
5. The Music – Too High
6. Four Tet – Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions
7. Hot Hot Heat – Running Out of Time
8. Coldplay – Such a Rush
9. Snow Patrol – The Finish Line

And finally, after the glorious hand in:
10. Barenaked Ladies - Alcohol


  1. Oddy! Have you been Got At by Mr Tom Evans?!?!

  2. Hi Oddy

    Good luck with the start of the BVC. It will go by in a flash. Work hard and play hard and you will be fine.