Monday, 3 August 2009

Planning for the void

Well, I did not get the Blessed Pupillage. My foray through HellGate has left me bloodied, battered and bruised; or at least, my ego.

I am at least chuffed that I got through to a second round interview, given that I had been roundly prepared for a flat rejection. Whilst I had thought the interview had gone swimmingly, it apparently did not. I actually left with a smile on my face, thinking that I had made only one blunder, but that I had recovered with an impressive piece of information that had the Daemon Masters smiling and looking genuinely interested . Ihave again cme to the conclusion that:

Post Interview Confidence = Fail

I have asked for feedback, and can only hope that I receive something that gives me a better shot next year. As stoic as I tried to be, I was still rather crushed by the ultimate rejection.

So, I have two realities to face.

Firstly - my plate is looking rather full. With my battle against HellGate so time consuming (what with the dawn raids, midnight guerilla expeditions, and pillaging) my Dissertation has fallen somewhat behind. Not only that, but I am faced with remarkably little time to move into my new accommodation before I commence being a Lifer at BPP. With a new deadline dropped firmly into my briefly snoozing lap this afternoon, my time is a little pressured.

Secondly - The Void. Given then almost all sets recruit a year ahead, I will have an entire year (or more) to fill after the end of the BVC. In an attempt to be positive, I have made a list of the things this will give me the opportunity to accomplish. Of course, the list is long, unrealistic and will probably be completely untouched in two years time. However, hope can be no bad thing.

With that in mind, I feel I should return to battling my Dissertation, before my Supervisor grabs the whip from his closet and comes knocking.

Onward and upward


P.S. I am now thoroughly bloody annoyed. The chambers to which I was invited to final interview have refused to give feedback. Of course, this I would understand in the large first round. However, at second round I think it is a farce to refuse. How are individuals supposed to improve? I think this may be the topic of a forthcoming post.


  1. Hi Oddy

    Commiserations on the rejection this time round, but well done forthe second round interview. I as interested to see that you are starting at BPP this September, and I thought it might be good to know someone at least vaguely before turning up on the first day.

    Drop me a line at:

    All the best


  2. Crikey, you mean my constant moaning about BPP didn't put you off and send you fleeing to enrol on a lolly-pop man course?

    Neh mind eh, about the pupillage that is, there's plenty of time for all that nonsense and of course the non-olpas apps pop up all year round.

    p.s. one or two chambers do recruit the same year as the pupillage, so you may not end up with a gap anyway.

  3. There is always judicial clerking for the Court of Appeal, but sshh, I want to do that ;)

  4. Firstly, sorry. Secondly, any views on the merits of deferring the BVC for a year ?

  5. @BoB - have dropped you a line!

    @Barmaid: Somehow I am still going, not sure how! I noticed that a couple of sets were recruiting for the same year, and one I was actually applying too. I can only hope for more next year!

    @Lost: oh believe me, that though has already crossed my mind!

    @Barboy: Thanks for the commiserations. I did consider deferral, so that I might only start in a better position 12 months from now. However, I think I would rather wait till the recession has lifted slightly (as jobs are all round few and far between). My other concern was missing big developments; doing my MA this year I missed a lot of things simply because I hadn't kept my ear close to the legal ground. My mock interview gave me a huge shock as a result. I wory that I would just fall further out of touch. What are your views?

    Still waiting on feedback from my interview. I fear it may not be forthcoming. I don't want to badger them, but I also want to get another request in before I get the reply "sorry, we binned the information already". Any views?

  6. When it comes to deferral, I do not have an informed view except that I was thinking that the BVC changes to the BPTC next year. No one seems to think that, in isolation, the BVC is up to much, and I was wondering, therefore, whether people might be wondering whether it is worth waiting for the BPTC instead ?

  7. I can't comment to be honest. I don't know enough about how much it changs the format, although I will have a scout around.


    A quick summary of the changes.

    Having read a few sites, I am unsure. Will having done the BVC not the refocused version prejudice applicants? Interesting question, although one would suspect not.

    That said, in theory it should, as the new version is designed to be better suited to the Bar.

  9. There is another point. The time limit for pupillage is 5 years from Call. If OLPAS/PP is to be taken as the primary, or most likely, route for obtaining a pupillage, is it not the case that you are limiting yourself to years 2 to 5 only. I guess that four years worth of trying is more than enough for most, but it may be a relevant consideration.

    As to a BVC v BPTC comparison, the consensus seems to be that no one at the Bar proper cares much about the BVC. I doubt much will change when the BPTC starts. The emphasis is, instead, on academic quals and other factors.

  10. True, I doubt the rebrand will have much effect.

    I am, I must say, thoroughly pissed off. The chambers to which I got second round interview has refused to offer feedback. First round interviews I can understand, but final round? How are we supposed to improve? I am appalled.

  11. My Dear Oddy,

    I am, as ever late with my comiserations, for which profound apologies. I am so sorry to read that you did not secure the golden snitch on this occiasion, but take heart - the BVC is ahead of you, as is qualifying and there is much by way of opportunity to big yourself up and make your presence felt!
    I would also say that you have done wonderfully well in securing a second round interview at the first attempt so I am completely confident that, next year you WILL catch that golden snitch; look on this year as experience - painful, I know, but useful ( even if bloody chambers expect you to be a mind reader when it comes to feedback!!)

  12. It really does seem to be a nightmare out there right now. If it's any concilation sir, a good friend of mine went to 12 first round interviews before getting the clincher. What's more, they were spread over 3 years! Chin up sir, it'll come soon

  13. Thank you for the kind commiserations! I will keep on ploughing on, and developing the most important skill of the aspirant - the hard head!