Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The shape of things to come...

Apologies for the somewhat whimsical post...the format of this foray into blawgging is still under some flux. I do intend to cover some more hard-edged legal topics once I begin the BVC, and already have some in mind.

I am beginning to feel some excitement at the thought of the upcoming start of the BVC. After 4 long years of purely academic work, it will be nice to do something that feels practical. This year has been the closet I have come to doing work that seems like it has a practical purpose, and has strayed away from purely theory. Undertaking a dissertation involving research with the public, and with the possibility of creating some actual change has felt extremely rewarding. Or it will, when the damn thing is finally finished.

The prospect of my new life is also exciting, if leaving me thinking of what I will leave behind. Strolling home last week as the sun came up (yes, I am a dirty stop-out) with the dulcet tones of Frightened Rabbit ringing in my ears, I was reminded why I am so enamoured with this city, and with my life here. Many of my peers will not be leaving here, and others left only to come back. I can see why. Had I not firmly decided that The Big City was my destination of choice, I doubt I would leave here either. I am convinced that had I stayed but one more year, I too would be here for good.

However, I am always one for an adventure. Shrugging off the shackles of my ties to this place, and moving down south holds great excitement for me. With somewhere to live now secured, and with all that the next year will hold looming tantalisingly in front of me, I am certainly looking forward to moving on.Even if it is with a slight backwards glance as I go.

If it all goes wrong? I will still have had a bloody good time getting there.


  1. Nice post O. I too was sick and tired of the dry academic side of law, particularly with the land law and trusts modules being saved until last (I think had they have been first modules studied I'd have thrown the towel in:-)).

    I'm sure that you will enjoy bvc, but I was surprised at just how much written work there is, however the topics do have a more practical feel to them. That said, my provider has a reputation for driving a hard bargain when it comes to the written skills.

    Good luck.

  2. My Dear Oddy,

    Nothing wrong with a spot of whimsy.

    In the words of Zen Dawg ( a.k.a Simply Wondered), (he) knows not where he's going for the ocean will decide; its not the destination, it's the glory of the ride!

    Enjoy ( to paraphrase Dylan Thomas) the whole ugly, lovely course!!

  3. Good luck with moving to the big Smoke.. which compass direction are you moving in?

    If you meet up with Bob i'll come too, as a tag along... I need more criminal minded .. minds!

  4. I'll be moving south from my Northern seat of learning! I'll drop you a line and we can go for a pint!