Friday, 17 April 2009

Adrift in the void

I have decided to take my first foray into the world of blogging, and begin a blog about my experiences as a law student. There are a many admirable blogs who already cover such a topic, and I can only hope of covering the same ground with such eloquence and humour as many do. However, if I were put off by a challenge I would be seeking another career.

I will start with a little about myself. I have not started this as some exercise of vain narcisim (well, perhaps a little) but instead as a place where I can air my thoughts away from those who are my usual companions. I have gained much from reading the comments of others, and hope to add my own personal, and usually sarcastic, thoughts to the ever growing quantity already in situ.

I am currently a law student, of sorts, at a respected northern university. Having finished my undergraduate course, I decided to take my penchant for self punishment further by choosing to study for a masters. I wish to be a barrister, and for better or worse am determined to work in criminal law. At this point no doubt anyone who reads this will consider me insane, but then I suppose that adds to the fun. I have succumbed to the lure of the big city, and will be taking my BVC in the city of London starting in September.

I have decided to call this blog "the wanderings of a law student" because I feel it reflects my current state of mind, as I sit embroiled in the horrors of OLPAS. The task is slightly lightened by its imaginative renaming as the "pupillage portal" - as though this were some magical realm of happiness, joy and possibly some kind of skimpily attired fairy willing to do my bidding. No? Just a form then.

And so, as I wander adrift in the sea of applications, I will attempt to tackle the Scylla and Charybdis that are the uncertainty and horror of applying to be a barrister.



P.S. My first lesson of last night blogging. Check you English. Having just rechecked my humble post, I noticed I had proudly declared that I was naming this blog in light of how I "fell". Well, perhaps in a years time, that may be more apt. On a similar note, whilst re-reading some of my tiresome OLPAS applications, I had made a worse blunder. Legs wide, chest trust out, and nipples pointed firmly forward I had written an extensive verse on the "varied nature of the wok". Smooth.

Oh well.



  1. Hello! Welcome to the blogging world!
    We are fairly friendly.... sometimes, and sometimes very miserable.

    Don't worry too much about your spelling..
    Another criminal barrister wannabe! Theres a bit of competition.. that and legal aid is shit, the government are determined to not pay us anything!

    How did you find my blog?

  2. Wow, my first comment! Thanks, I look forward to being Part of what seems a great bunch of people. Not sure quite how I stumbled across it, I started with pupil blog, and slowly stumbled others including yours. Anything that makes me laugh in 30 seconds is instantly in my good books!


  3. Haha, well thanks for finding my blog funny..
    I've put you on my blogroll so the others can find you :)

  4. Thanks, much appreciated! I am going to spend a weekend avoiding the Portal of Horrors, and do something else.

    Maybe attach electrodes to my testicles. It can't be less fun than pupillage applications to be honest.

  5. Well that does help us work out if you are male or female I suppose!