Thursday, 23 April 2009

We have pupillage....they will come

Once more battling with the Gate to Hell, I am finding myself increasingly frustrated by chambers who offer little or no information about themselves or their pupillage. Even a look to the Chambers and Partners reports still leaves me ill equipped to write a specific set of answers.

How is one supposed to obtain the hallowed pupillage when they do so little to help you get it? In the case of the current chambers I am researching (which is a band 4 criminal set), it is almost as though they are content to offer the following meagre statement: “We offer pupillage. You will apply. Because we’re fucking great. Oh, and we might considering paying you. Just not very much. See you soon”

I feel like I have been locked in a darkened room, and asked to solve a jigsaw puzzle. With three pieces missing. And my hands in boxing gloves. And it’s the wrong picture on the box.

Other chambers are much more useful, and some even have the good sense to post up large and well written documents expounding exactly how they will own your soul, and what merge returns they offer.

One is almost tempted to write that I am choosing this particular (prestigious) for shits and giggles, because I have no idea what 12 months servitude with them will actually be like, so I might as well give it a go.
Oh well, back to plumbing the depths of my imagination for something to write.



  1. Which band 3 is it?
    9-12 Bell Yard pays estimates £25k-£30k in pupillage!!

    Though most other sets have at least £15k, and expect you to make a lot more in your second six.

  2. My apologies, it is a band 4 chambers, and are offering substantially less than that. I am applying to broad range of chambers, as that seemed to make most sense to me. Are you doing similar, or concentrating within the higher bands?

  3. I'm not apply for pupillage this year, am going on to hopefully do a masters then after that I'll apply, there is too much going on what with 3rd year finals exams to apply! My head would explode, or I would jump infront of a bus.

  4. I once saw a criminal pupillage advert from a firm of solicitors in Stockport. Of course, they didn't provide any information about it whatsoever, and never replied to my emails. Dodgy, I thought to myself...