Tuesday, 2 June 2009

The equation of success

Another quick post, from the wandering mind of someone engaged heavily in the trials and tribulations of essay season. I am currently sporting the beginnings of an exam season beard, and am considering making it a full dissertation growth.

Idly flicking The Social Realm, a comment by an old friend similarly embroiled in tireless labour struck a chord with me. Given the current glorious weather, and the likely chance that it will rain the moment I set down my quill for the last time, I can only pray that his calculations are correct!

Postgraduate Success is proportional to the amount of time in the sunshine sacrificed

As yet another text inviting me to a BBQ arrives, I really hope so.


  1. Hm..... I was WONDERING why so many people keep asking me why I am so pale - this explains it!
    ( My legs have a disseration beard at the moment - I do hope yours will make you look handsome rather than, well, hairy.....!)

  2. If only it were so! Instead, my fledgling beard, sallow face beset with black eyes of exhaution and curious linen shirt which I have adopted in response to the weather does not quite give the rakish appearance I had desired.

    Instead of young and handsome, I look like the protagonist of a cheap television drama about an impoverished artist in rennaisance italy... who is going through a really rough time, and chasing the dragon hard. Worse, a prodution where the idiot producer, an in effort to raise ratings, spent all the money on the buxomly girl at the expense of the scenary (read: my room) and leading male cast member's looks.

  3. Think POSITIVE, Oddy! You will be able to suppliment your truly meagre stipend as a Criminal Barrister with a career as a Supermodel! You obviously have ALL the requisite physical qualities -pale, sallow faced and black eyed!! PERFECT, Dahlink!

  4. Oh la Sfacciata, lei mi adula così.

  5. Certamente! Non posso fare a me!